What Does Offline Fundraising Have to Offer in an Online World?


Before we noticed the full potential of the internet as an efficient method to conduct fundraising, not many people would’ve thought about how much online fundraising would eventually affect offline fundraising.

Since everything that you do online should be equal to what you do offline it is important to integrate both worlds to properly display the fundraiser’s cause. If they aren’t aligned, then supporters will become confused or distant, ultimately causing the fundraising to fall short of any goals set. For instance, having a website that says one thing and does another offline won’t work well with potential and current donors. Utilising both offline and online fundraising methods and how they affect each other is important since each have their own benefits.

Online Fundraising Advantages

The advantages of online fundraising are obviously clear, which is why it’s a route many have taken with the rise of the internet. With the expansion of social media and sites like JustGiving, many fundraisers are able to communicate their cause to thousands of supporters. Almost all charities now have Facebook and Twitter pages which are regularly updated with their latest campaigns and what progress is being made. This daily access allows fundraisers the opportunity to show supporters where their money is actually going and the positive effects through photos and videos.

Showing the connection between donation and effect has always been a difficult but important task for fundraisers, and with regular access to supporters through social media channels, this task has never been easier.

Offline Fundraising Advantages

Although it may seem that online fundraising is the way to go, offline fundraising still has its benefits, which is why it’s still such a popular method today.

You may have seen people at a busy intersection handing out flyers, wearing informative t-shirts and holding containers out for cash or the cheerleading team that holds weekly car washes for uniforms. No matter what technology is out there, interactive fundraising will always be around as a proven method to attracting donors.

With offline fundraising you’re able to explain your cause face to face with a potential donor and have an emotional impact and increase your results. Along with explaining your cause face to face, you can also quickly answer any questions that might arise when reaching out to a donor.

Perhaps one of the biggest benefits of offline fundraising is that your donors will actually feel as if they know who you are. Even with mediums such as YouTube, nothing will come close to actually spending some time with the person you expect to donate their hard earned money.

Taking Advantage of Online & Offline Methods

Online and offline fundraising utilise different tools but they both aim to do the same thing. Although, fundraisers will be focused on maximising the potential of online activities, organisations will still want to engage in offline fundraising. Having a physical presence in the form of fundraisers in city centres will help to enforce the image of the charity and show that they are active to supporters. In addition, there is very little that can replace the personal touch of coming face to face with a fundraiser who’s passionate about their cause and who is willing to stand outside for hours, come rain or shine.


This guest post was written by Alison who has worked in the fundraising industry for several years and enjoys discovering new fundraising ideas for charities. She currently works for Easy Fundraising.