New Addition to the Bright One Team

A few weeks ago Bright One went looking for a PR superstar in the making to help with the running of the organisation. Well, the search was a success. So much so that we offered the role to not one but two superstars – Tom Fitzgerald and Tove Nordstrom. Here, Tove gives her background and reasons for applying for the role. You’ll hear more from her (and Tom) in the near future…

Whilst being a PR student for the last few years I have followed Bright One’s work with interest and curiosity. I heard about Bright One in its early days and then last year I attended the Impress event organised by Bright One which allowed me to learn more about the inspiring work that is being done by the volunteers. So when I then heard that Bright One’s founder Ben needed a wing man/woman I figured it’d be a great role for me!

Together with Tom Fitzgerald, I will support Ben in running Bright One making it an even better communications agency for the third sector, and hopefully expanding it. I have during my Uni degree done PR work for and with nonprofit organisations which has been highly rewarding and I am truly excited about being able to continue working with fantastic causes through Bright One and contributing to communications within the third sector. I think the Bright One concept is terrific; it is simple and achievable, and much needed.

I applied for the role because I am keen on doing things that motivate me. And good causes as well as good PR motivate me so being part of Bright One feels very exciting. I am passionate about what I do and I’m hoping that will transpire through my work for Bright One. I am a bit of an organisation/control freak and that will hopefully be a good thing (?!) in terms of running Bright One as smoothly and efficiently as possible. I am keen to develop external as well as internal communications for Bright One with the aim of encouraging supporters and volunteers by building on an extensive community where volunteers, charities and the PR industry can share experience, tips and ideas in order to motivate each other further. There’s already some great work going on in and around Bright One so it’s vital it gets talked about in the sector as well as amongst volunteers contributing to the work.

Finally I thought I’d give you some brief facts about me… I was born and raised in Sweden and might come across as a bit of cliché when I admit I love skiing, I know most ABBA songs by heart, I support a welfare state, I am passionate about sustainability, and I have a weakness for swimming in lakes. But it’s all true. However, I’ve lived in London for the last seven years and love the city and all it’s got to offer. I’ve studied communications and PR for four years now so I am excited about embarking on a new phase, and I’m thrilled about Bright One being a part of it!